we invested the premium wallpanel to compete wtih ceramic wall ,the new technology is wallpanel with high glossy ,carving technology and we have already entered the mass production with different colors and designs.

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1)      High glossy more than 100 degree like a mirror.

2)      Big tiles with small size effect to compete with ceramic tiles

Laser Carving we can carve the shape like square,rectangle,triangle,Chevron,herringbone,rhombus  ,Hexagon

3)      Pure color to select from Pantone.

4)Water proof to use in bath room and shower room.

5) Easy to install to save the labor cost and materials at least 50% than ceramic.

6) very convenient to renovate old ceramic wall,wallpaper wall,or other materials on the wall .

7) when Antidumping & Anti-subsidy on Ceramic wall ,spc premium wallpanel is best choice for you !

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