Brand Name WALFLOOR   Product No.   SF0088
Size 300X600mm   Thickness   5.0mm 
Class  AC4 Material  virgin  
Emboss   Smooth  Finish High glossy 
Bevel  Painted  bevel   Warranty  10-15years  
Type of click  5G  structure  SPC with Melamine 

       PRODUCT FEATURES       

ABRASION & SCUFF RESISTANT With AC4 –AC5 wear resistant, Super Core Laminate flooring is very durable and abrasion resistant.SCRATCH & STAIN RESISTANT, DENT RESISTANT With super high density fiberboard as the core of the flooring, it is very resistant to dent and impact.

Beautiful flooring that will last a lifetime. No need to stress, this floor is made to withstand the rigorous of real life.

FADE RESISTANT Even when exposed to sunshine, the laminate flooring does not change thanks to its high light resistance.

WATER RESISTANT All Super Core laminate floors are ideally equipped against moisture thanks to a swell-resistant HDF core board and the special profile seal.

HIDES MOST SUBFLOOR IMPERFECTION Unlike LVT or PVC flooring, Super Core Laminate does not require perfect subfloor, it could hide most subfloor imperfection, so it could save your labor and cost of self leveling.